Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox Torrent Download Free

Cube Escape: Paradox (2018) is a crossover game Cube Escape and the short film Rusty Lake! Play as a detective who has to get out of a sinister room in parallel universes.

Game Details:

Genre: Casual
Developer: Rusty Lake
Publisher: Rusty Lake
Release date: 20 September 2018

Detective Dale Vandermer wakes up in a sinister room with no memory of his past. He soon realizes that he has become a member of a strange game created by his old opponent.
Dale must solve intriguing puzzles, one more complicated than the other, to get out of the room and regain his memory.

Features Of Cube Escape: Paradox:

unique experience of crossing game and movie;
addictive gameplay and plenty of puzzles;
a familiar atmosphere for fans of the series, waiting for the tenth part of Cube Escape;
lots of connections and interactions of subjects with the short film Paradox;
two chapters (one free and one paid) with unpredictable endings;

beautiful graphics, manually created by the artist Johan Sharpton;
atmospheric soundtrack by composer Victor Butzelaar;
convincing acting by Bob Rafferty and actor the lead role of David Bowles;



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