Cursed Lands

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Cursed Lands (2018) plays like a RPG with an innovative social talent system that lets you take advantage of your enemies’ personalities. You can bluff, intimidate, coerce, or reason with your foes to force them to flee.

Game Details:

Genre: RPG
Developer: Winter Wolves
Publisher: Winter Wolves
Release date: 18 May 2018

Game Summary:

You assume the role of the Empire’s Envoy, secretly serving the Grimoire Council. You must assemble a small strike team to investigate what is happening, and put a stop to whatever evil is lurking within the Castle of N’Mar.

With the help of Karen the Amazon Queen and Apolimesho the Archwizard, you’ll need to recruit a team of individuals, united by a common goal, from all corners of Aravorn. Dwarves, elves, amazons, desert nomads, and river nagas can all be persuaded to join you.

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7
• CPU: 2GHz or better
• RAM: 2 GB
• DirectX: Version 9
• Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 630
• HDD (Storage): 2 GB


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