Deadly Stigma

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Deadly Stigma (2018) is an exciting pixel shooter in Sci-Fi style. The action takes place on a spaceship built to transport the latest form of carbon life in the Universe. The central system was invaded by a virus created for destroying the Life Capsule. Your target is to stop it.

Game Details:

Genre: Action, Platformer
Developer: Black Dragon Studio
Publisher: Black Dragon Studio
Release date: 25 August 2018

Game locations
For each of the modes in the game has its own map. Each of them has been reworked many times to play them as interesting as possible.
The variety of enemies

You have to fight against 11 types of enemies. All of them are unique and in their own way pose a threat to you.

A huge Arsenal of weapons
In battle you have to take 5 guns, 1 special skill and 1 melee weapon.

In total, the game has 19 types of guns (at the end of the game description there is an image showing them), 6 types of weapons for special skills and 4 types of melee weapons.


For experience points obtained by destroying enemies, you can improve the characteristics of the character (movement Speed, jump height, health and speed of regeneration, as well as armor). It is possible to increase the damage for a particular weapon and for all damage done. In the shopping section you can purchase turrets and traps that will help you in the destruction of enemies.

As described above, turrets and traps are purchased in the store for experience points. All types of buildings are unique, but you need to choose which one is better to buy, because each of them is effective only for a certain situation. At the moment, the game has 6 types of turrets and 4 types of traps. [Buildings are placed where the character is at the time of purchase]



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