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Earthfall (2018) is a first person shooter which can be played solo with 3 AI team mates or up to 4 player co-op online. The game will feature 10 missions spread across two campaigns where players will have to shoot waves of different aliens and complete objectives such as moving equipment to a specific location, destroying certain objects or activating different switches in order to progress in a similar gameplay style to Left 4 Dead.

Game Details:

Genre: Action
Developer: Holospark
Publisher: Holospark
Release date: 13 July 2018

Game Overview

When the end of the world comes, the real battle is just beginning! In the cooperative shooter “EARTHFALL” you and your friends will have to prove themselves in battle, defend portable structures and learn to act as a team to survive in the battle against hordes of furious aliens. Complete tasks, strengthen and defend strategic points and create weapons, barricades and turrets using 3D printers. All this with only one purpose-to destroy the damned aliens on 10 epic levels, full of brutal battles and related interesting story.

Fight together. This cooperative action can be played by up to 4 players at a time. Team up with friends and try to survive in a battle with superior forces of deadly aliens. A smart system of generating opponents reacts to your actions and the actions of your team. Don’t forget to cover each other’s backs!

Fight for the right cause. You have to become one of four interesting characters. Each of them has its own character, and they all want to survive and return to humanity control of the Earth.

Explore the world after EARTHFALL. Interesting story tasks at each level support a fast and feverish pace of the game, while revealing a detailed and fascinating story.

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/8/10
• CPU: Intel® Core™ i5
• RAM: 8 GB
• DirectX: Version 11
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 750 2GB
• HDD (Storage): 20 GB


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