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Frostpunk (2018) is a new PC game from 11 bit studios, that combines elements of survival and city-building simulator genres. The game is based on the elements of management and strategy, but the emphasis is on complex decisions that the player must make.

Game Details:

Genre: Survival, Simulator, Strategy
Developer: 11 bit studios
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Release date: April, 2018

Game Overview

There was a terrible disaster and now the whole planet plunged into permafrost, and people survive on it only through the use of unique steam technologies. The player will have to make a lot of moral choices and they will all affect the plot. The developer announced that the game will be quite tough and will not suit all types of players, because it will show all human nature in the face of imminent death.

Key Features:

• EXPLORE – The world around us holds not only fragments of the past, but perhaps the keys to your future.
• THE CITY MUST SURVIVE – Frostpunk is a game about the survival of the city, it is warm-life and every decision has its consequences.
• KEEP HOPE – Survival is hope and the will to live. The ability to mobilize and support them in their people will be the determining factor of your success.
• CHOOSE CAREFULLY – Will you allow child labor? How will you treat the sick and the wounded? Frost punk-a test of tactical skills of the player and his moral qualities.
• CREATE LAWS – Society is a group of people who observe the General rules and share common beliefs. The adoption of laws and customs will be an important step in the creation of your society.

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/8/10
• DirectX: Version 11
• Graphics: TBA
• HDD (Storage): TBA


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