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God of War (2018) is a new game that combines Hack and slash and Action-adventure genres. This game is developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This will be the eighth game of the series God of War, and the sequel to the 2010 game God of War III. The game will restart, while continuing the events of the previous games, and will take the series into the world of Scandinavian mythology — all previous games of the series were based on Greek mythology.

Game Details:

Genre: Adventure, Action
Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: April, 2018

Game Overview

The gameplay has been redesigned from the ground up and will be significantly different from previous games in the series. Despite the fact that God of War: Ascension has introduced a series of Multiplayer game, the new game will be single-player. The trailer shown at E3 2016 demonstrated elements similar to role-playing games (RPGs) such as knowledge points for archery and the ability to use “Spartan wrath” during battles. This ability is presented as a new look at the possibilities of “Anger” in previous games. The player will also have to look for resources crafting. Unlike previous games, which involved a fixed third-person camera, the new game will have a free camera from the shoulder.

The main change was the fact that Kratos no longer uses his signature weapon — the Blades of Chaos, because he lost them in the final God of War III. Instead, it now uses a magical battle axe that can be loaded with elemental abilities and thrown into enemies. In the trailer it was shown how the axe is covered with ice and thrown Kratos in the enemy, and then magically returns to his hand. Kratos will also be able to use hand — to-hand combat, an ability first introduced in Ascension. While players will play the entire game for Kratos, there will be times when the player will be able to partially control his son. One button is dedicated to his son and will be used depending on the situation. Corey Barlog stated that his son would be like “magic is an additional combat resource, the player would train him and teach”. Depending on where the player looks, the son will be able to shoot lightning arrows from his bow. During the game, the son will help in the battle, movement, research and solving puzzles.

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/8/10
• DirectX: TBA
• Graphics: TBA
• HDD (Storage): TBA


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