Monster Prom

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Monster Prom (2018) is a new multiplayer dating simulator in high school for monsters. In the game compete 4 players, the one who is the fastest to achieve the coveted date wins.

Game Details:

Genre: Simulator
Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Publisher: Those Awesome Guys
Release date: April, 2018

Game Overview

At the beginning of each round, players fill out a small questionnaire and get one of several characters with their key features.

The graphics are made in the style of the visual novel. In the world of high school for monsters reflected the lives of real students with their Hobbies and experiences. Of course, the list of monsters is quite diverse: werewolves, zombies, succubi, vampires, etc.

Grab up to three friends or play by yourself, enjoy the beautiful art, the witty dialogue and be prepared to make hard choices because at the end of the cruel, cut-throat world of Monster Prom there are only two types of people: lovers and losers. Being a monster is hard, but getting a date for prom is even harder!

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/10
• CPU: Intel Core i3
• RAM: 4 GB
• DirectX: Version 9
• Graphics: TBA
• HDD (Storage): 1 GB


Video / Trailer:

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