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MoonQuest (2018) is a procedurally-generated adventure game with roguelike and minecraftian gameplay. Each game generates a new world to explore with wild forests, giant mountains and ancient ruins. Harvest resources, find treasure, and forge the weapons that will help you on your journey.

Game Details:

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Wizard Mode
Publisher: Wizard Mode
Release date: 14 July 2018

Game Overview

– A new world to explore every game, with frozen forests, hollow mountains, dangerous dungeons and populated towns;
– Strange alien creatures, wandering merchants, and relentless enemies;
– A rich environment with destructible tiles, ambient wildlife, and weather effects;
– Strange moons that influence the game in unique ways (e.g., the Giant moon spawns giant versions of animals and enemies);
– Hundreds of items including weapons, tools, hats, armour, shields, blocks, toolbenches, and so on;
– Many resources to mine or harvest like silver, gold, sugar, salt, fur, and fruit; and
– Several playable characters, each with different abilities and items;
– Moonman, who illuminates with a moonly glow;
– Amphibian, who breathes underwater;
– Elemental, who detects ore with his antennae; and,
– The Crusader, who starts the game with full armour;

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/8/10
• CPU: 2.0+
• RAM: 2 GB
• DirectX: Version 9
• Graphics: 2GB+ and OpenGL 3.0 compatible
• HDD (Storage): 0.3 GB


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