NetHack: Legacy

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NetHack: Legacy (2018) is a remastered version of the original NetHack, the deeply rich and complex fantasy D&D roguelike. Hack and slash your way through orcs, dragons, and cockatrices as you explore the perilous Mazes of Menace seeking the Amulet of Yendor!

Game Details:

Genre: Casual
Developer: FrozenCrate
Publisher: FrozenCrate
Release date: 10 August 2018

Experience unforgettable moments in the deeply immersive world of NetHack, where armor rusts from getting wet, scrolls burn from catching on fire, and bright flashes of light temporarily blind you.

But the immersion goes both ways: grease your armor so the water rolls off, place your scrolls in a fireproof bag to protect them, wear a blindfold to protect your eyes! The intricate interplay between mechanics has been in development for over 30 years, well earning the credo, “The DevTeam Thinks of Everything.” Experience for yourself the remastered version of this highly influential piece of gaming history.

Play the illustrious ASCII interface without having to endlessly tweak terminal settings and config files. Beautiful look and feel out of the box, with improved mouse support and default keybindings.

Experience the warm glow and feel of an old CRT monitor, but with a modern spin like clean, resolution-independent fonts and RGB colors.

Re-watch previously played games with the fully integrated replay system, allowing real-time playback, rewind, fast-forward, and jumping.



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