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ONRUSH (2018) is an arcade racing video game developed by Codemasters and published by Deep Silver specifically for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. In this game players will be able to take control of cars, motorcycles and even SUVs to compete in the high hilly terrain. As for the arcade, it gives a special accelerator that users use to significantly increase the speed of machines. There are several modes, including stunt and the destruction of rivals. In General, given that the project is headed by Paul Rosinski (Driveclub) that he should arise.

Game Details:

Genre: Racing
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release date: June 2018

Game Overview

Onrush is a arcade racing game from the creators of DIRT. You have to plunge into the world of tough competition, where the riders destroy each other in the battle for first place.

Unlike other games of this genre, knocked off the track the player returns to it very quickly, so it will be easier to take revenge on offenders, and in principle on the track will always be active. Each race track consists of several routes. The choice of path will greatly affect the outcome of the race. You can also either peacefully go on the ground, or take off on each springboard and shoot down their enemies in the air.

System Requirements:

• DirectX: TBA
• Graphics: TBA
• HDD (Storage): TBA


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