Pool Panic

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Pool Panic (2018) is the world’s least realistic pool simulator. Play as a mischievous, and dare we say, oblivious cue ball in a giant game of pool that sprawls across a colorful cartoon overworld with more than 100 levels.

Game Details:

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Rekim
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Release date: 19 July 2018

Try yourself in the role of a mischievous and very scattered cue ball in a unique game Pool Panic, which includes more than 100 levels. Enjoy a single game or invite your friends to multiplayer fun.

Key Features:

– Single game is a huge world of more than 100 levels with music festivals, spears, restaurants, prairies, caves, farms and other locations!
– Local multiplayer game brings together up to 4 players.
– In endless mode, your opponent is time, but don’t forget that all the other balls are alive, like you, and react differently to the blows!
– Learn the unique features of dozens of different balls and strategies to drive them into the pocket, taking into account their unusual abilities that complicate your victory.
– Defeat the swamp monster, light an abandoned lighthouse, fight with a gang of bikers, survive the pitching on a pirate ship, escape from the resurrected zombie balls, prevent a Bank robbery and participate in a knightly tournament! Yes, in this tournament on the balls-horses and spears.
– Show yourself! A white cue ball like you is allowed to be stylish and try on over 80 different hats that can be stolen from other balls in the game. 

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7
• Processor: i3
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
• Storage: 3 GB available space



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