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SPLASH BLAST PANIC (2018) is a multiplayer competitive party game where you must shoot, ram, dodge and overall bully your opponents outside the screen with a variety of watergun-based weaponry. Inspired by old arcade titles as well as newer competitive party games, ruin all your friendships in a variety of stages.

Game Details:

Genre: Action
Developer: Team KwaKwa
Publisher: Digital Smash
Release date: July 2018

Game Overview

Up to 4 player multiplayer, in various forms of free for all or team-based matches, with a lot of control over match options for your personal liking!
A bunch of different levels, each presenting their own little challenges to overcome while still trying to get your opponents outside the ring. With the addition of a big selection of offensive and defensive items so you can baffle your adversary at the last second and then bother them about it for the rest of the evening.
A heart pounding soundtrack composed by Mitch Gasser and an insane sound landscape by Julien Mathey

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7/8/10




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