The Ballad Singer

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The Ballad Singer (2018) is a graphic role-playing game in a fictional world, which depends entirely on the player’s decisions. We used elements of game books and visual novels to develop a video game in an unusual format. In the game TBS you will find a story in fantasy style. However, it is not written yet: the plot changes in response to your actions. Thanks to this you will be able to participate in 1700 stories and see 40 different endings, because any your decision will affect the development of history.

Game Details:

Genre: Casual, Adventure
Developer: Curtel Games
Publisher: Curtel Games
Release date: 27 September 2018

Four heroes, each of which can lead the story in his own way
Asymmetric stories intertwined with each other
Going in search of adventure with one of the characters, you will always participate in unique battles
Your decisions are of great importance and can completely change the fate of the heroes
There are three degrees of difficulty of the test. Deceive death and return to the world of the living thanks to powerful artifacts
The game can be played again: passing TBS again and again, you can see the consequences of a variety of decisions
Domino System: the decision made in the first minutes of the game can have big consequences during the subsequent adventures
Extensive story: more than 400,000 words and 40 hours of plot
More than 700 high quality illustrations
More than 40 musical compositions
400 various detailed deaths
Death is part of the story, so the game will not be over immediately after the death of the hero When the hero dies, you start a journey with another hero. His adventures await in the same story, but in a different storyline



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